Fruit and vegetable flavors to perk up your palate.

From sweet to tart, hearty to playful, aromatic to earthy, the possibilities are endless and the flavors perfect, every time.

Fruity Flavors

From traditional fruits to exotic and everything in between. We offer a mix of vibrant fruit flavors that allow you to explore every region of the world as if you picked them from the tree yourself.

Next-level Veg

Veggie flavors plucked right from the garden give you the purest of taste from the earth or off the vine

Our favourites: Ontario Peach, Strawberry, Orange, Raspberry, Dragon Fruit, Cucumber, Sun Dried Tomato, Avocado, Mirepoix, Fried Potato.


Complex spirit flavors that add a shot of excitement.

Our distinct sweet, tangy and bitter flavors enhance any plain beverage.

From the beach to the club, a quiet drink on the porch to that special night out – craft cocktails, spirit and flavored liqueurs have become the companion to life’s big moments.

We pull inspiration from down south, the far east and our own backyards to enhance your Ready to Drink beverage experience.

Our favourites: Gin and Tonic, Peach Bellini, Manhattan, Whiskey Sour, Negroni, Paloma.


Dairy flavors that comfort and lift your soul.

Buttery or creamy, sharp or earthy, sweet or tangy, our unique selection of vegan dairy flavors give you the ability to create taste experiences that are authentic and unmatched.

Desserts, spreads, bases and more. From silky smooth to playfully light, whatever experience you’re looking to create, it should be a flavor you can feel.

Our favourites: Whole Milk , Butter, Brie , Parmigiano, Cheddar Cheese, Gorgonzola.

Fragrant Flourishes

Floral flavors that bloom your senses.

Saffron and elderflower, hibiscus and lavender, orange blossom and jasmine – premium floral flavors have sparked creative combinations in dessert, pastries and cocktails.

Fresh flavors that give hints of the exquisite and the promise of sophistication to otherwise everyday items.

Our favourites: Hibiscus, Elderflower, Habanero Hibiscus,
Orange Blossom Honey.


Sweet and brown notes that satisfy any craving.

Our delectable and heavenly flavors range from salted caramel to extra-dark chocolate, maple cinnamon to creamy vanilla, living you the ability to deliver extraordinary tastes that will warm hearts.

Decadently Sweet

So much more than your typical vanilla or chocolate flavors, our sweet flavors give room for the playfully complex, the stunningly
simple, and anything in between.

Next-level VegCaramel Goodness

A category all on its own, true caramel flavors give you the rich and salty, sweet and creamy, soft
and smooth flavor that reminds you of long summer days as a child.

Our favourites: Maple Bourbon, Decadent Chocolate, Butter Pecan.

A Prime Cut

Smoky, savory, and the taste of the grill. Recreate the perfect mouth-watering bite every time.

A Fresh Catch

Flavors fresh from the water. Baked, fried or poached, it’s always delicious, delectable, and

Hearty Poultry

Quite possibly the coziest
flavor, from holiday dinners to soup bases, fried or roasted, poultry flavors bring you back to the dinner table every time.


Meat, fish, and poultry flavors with hints of home.

Whether it’s the buttery taste of an amazing cut of beef or the delicate undertones of fresh salmon, explore the tasty and hearty options.

Our favourites: Roasted Chicken, Steak Crust, Chicken Skin, Salmon with Lemon and Dill, Crab Meat. 


Our mission to do even better, never stops.

We dedicate 30% of our staff to research and development, a number higher than the average in the industry. The specialists in our lab have built their careers creating and developing innovative processes, formulas and mixes. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations and even our own within our labs.

Flavor Formats

Flavordry (Spray Dried)
Oil and Water Soluble
Essential Oils

Flavor Classifications

Gluten Free
Natural and Artificial


We are flavorists that don’t settle until we get what we want.

With the science of flavor drying, we can take a liquid flavor and encapsulate it into a powder. This creates shelf life stability and uniformity, no blended flavor can possess.

We have four fully functional spray dryers at our 50,000 sq ft facility, one strictly dedicated to samples, so we can have a spray-dry sample at your door as soon as you would like it.


Great Tastes Start Here!

Fill out the form below to have one of our Flavor Specialist Team Members work with you to develop the perfect flavor for your application and project needs. We prepare samples on demand within two or three days. First orders are often fulfilled in less than two weeks. Contact Flavorcan today to get started!