Flavor of the Month – April

Flavor of the Month – April

Blonde Chocolate 

Our April flavor of the month, Blonde Chocolate is inspired by Easter when it’s time for indulgence on chocolate products. This unique type of chocolate is smooth and creamy with a velvety, enveloping texture and a warm blonde colour.  The first notes are buttery, toasty and delicately sweet, gradually giving way to intense flavors of caramelized milk, shortbread and a pinch of salt. Blonde Chocolate can make a great alternative for your standard milk and white chocolate desserts such as: cookies, cakes, macarons and doughnuts or beverages such as protein powders. It’s perfect for ganache and pairs particularly well with ingredients with gourmet notes (caramel, coffee, hazelnut), as well as yellow, mildly acidic fruits (mangos, bananas, apricots).

Flavor Profile Capabilities:

Liquid, Powder, Spray Dry

Non-GMO Project Verifiable, Organic Certifiable, Natural, Natural and Artificial, Artificial.