Creating dairy flavors and the authentic taste of dairy mixes science and art. Our dairy flavors can enhance taste, improve richness, and increase creaminess while masking off-notes – even in dairy-free applications. Demand for authentic, innovative, and tasty dairy flavors is growing and T. Hasegawa can help you meet the needs of today’s consumer. With a wide range of benefits, our dairy flavors can help you achieve nutritional improvements and enhance stability, as well as impact cost-reductions. Our world-class flavor technology and R&D facilities ensure we have unsurpassed expertise in developing great tasting flavors that complement dairy products.

Whether spreadable, pourable, meltable or powder, our remarkable collection of dairy flavors can be used in many formats and mimic milk, cultured cream, sweet, butter and non-dairy offerings.

Milk & Cream Flavours

Flavour Profile Types
Skim, Whole, Half and Half, Light Cream, Heavy Cream, Kefr, Clotted Cream

Key Characteristics
Sour, Cultured, Buttery, Fresh Steamed, Sweet, Condensed, Smooth, Indulgent, Rich

Cultured Flavours

Flavor Profile Types
Buttermilk, Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese

Key Characteristics
Acidic, Creamy, Fatty, Green, Sour, Smooth, Tangy, Tart

Sweet Dairy Flavours

Flavor Profile Types
Confection, Bakery, Ice Cream, Smoothies

Key Characteristics
Creamy, Indulgent, Fruity, Fresh,

Smooth, Sweet, Tart Non-Dairy Flavours

Flavor Profile Types
Nut Milk, Oat Milk, Soy

Key Characteristics
Acidic, Green, Fatty, Sweet, Smooth, Nutty, Sour, Tangy

Beverage Applications

Creamers, Milk, Non-Dairy, Ready-to-Drink, Sports Nutrition products, Yogurt Drinks

Savory Applications

Butter, Cheese, Dressings, Dips, Meals, Marinades, Sauces, Soups, Snacks, Yogurt

Sweet Applications

Bakery, Confections, ice Cream, Frozen Desserts, Yogurt

Our team uses their extensive knowledge of market trends to help customers develop distinctive dairy profiles that optimize today’s most tempting savory, sweet and beverage products. Our dairy flavors can be used in a variety of applications.


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